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E m e r a l d   H o r i z o n - die Aktiengesellschaft (AG)

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business category: Environmental Technology PLUS 

synergistically diversification: 6 individual  business areas + primary project

legal structure: stock corporation

planned share capital: € 1.000.000,-

Morningstar Style Box:

  • X-Axis: style category: Growth

  • Y-Axis: company size category: € 0,3 Mrd - € 0,8 Mrd

  • numbers of involved persons category: 100-500

  • trading volume category: > € 10 Mrd/month

region: Europe (focus Germany, Austria)

investment vehicle: convertible bond € 1,9 Mrd

The individual business area:

Each of the 6 business units is regarded attractive and profitable as stand-alone. The synergy between the 6 fields increases the consolidated income and diversifies the risks. The AG benefits from this as follows:

  1. The distribution ensures the ongoing capital supply of the Group. In addition, it supports the thematic exchange with the public.

  2. The asset management enables funds that are not required to be invested temporarily  profitably (multi-synergy concept) or to be used within the business areas for optimisation. In addition, Asset Management generates high income for the group. The additional, external offer of capital assistance / proved consulting increases customer loyalty. This also applies to the tailor-made solution of Energy Trading. For institutional investors, a fully licensed group subsidiary represents considerable legal and communications security.

  3. Green Tech Engineering – Anchoring key components in-house ensures the maintenance of know-how and quality. By cooperating with the 220 Green Tech companies of the Green Tech Cluster, it is possible to react quickly to the demands of the time and to integrate innovations in a timely manner. In addition to the technical implementation, this setup significantly increases the scalability of the projects.

  4. Evergreen is designed to ensure the long term operation of the facilities. The aim is to sell about 50% of the modules and operate the remaining 50% within the Emerald Horizon corporation. Thus, green hydrogen and affordable electricity is produced in the group. The insights from the operation are used in research and development of this field. In addition, the personnel training of the users of the sold modules will be held in their own facilities.

  5. Green Mobility addresses two key issues. It carries the green effect of the Emerald Horizon directly to the largest possible number of people in the cities (70% of the city's population lives in cities by 2050), paying attention to the areas where electricity and hydrogen are most efficient. In addition, it is used indirectly by the big, global "polluters", the ships (the 15 largest transport ships release as much sulfur oxide as all the cars in the world put together). Note: The extension to ship propulsions is initiated slightly delayed to the primary project to reduce the research risk.

  6. Greenshield aims to conserve forest, species and know-how. To give these global activities the largest possible space, this business area is operated offshore. Forests are to be planted and maintained on land owned by this subsidiary. In addition to safeguarding know-how, patent sales also generate international revenue. This enables various optimization advantages within the group.








The primary project represents the only known, indeed global solution to the CO2 question. Under the combination aspect ECOLOGICAL impact & ECONOMIC return, it achieves a scalability that allows us to achieve a significant and global impact.

  • It solves a problem of humanity: the elimination of thousands of years of radiating nuclear waste..

  • It solves the Earth's problem or the Earth's limited atmosphere: preventing 10,000 deaths per day as a result of burning fossil fuels.

  • It solves the energy problem of a growing population and, due to the low price, allows diverse, hitherto unprofitable recycling processes.

  • It reduces the fear of nuclear explosions and associated fallouts / land loss or devaluation / cancer risk / death.

  • It balances economy and ecology (more yield means more CO2 savings and more drinkable water).

  • It maximizes the 6 other business areas and rewards first-time contributors.


efficient Office Tower

The basic principle of the Emerald Horizon, "Ecology and Economy in Harmony", is also reflected in the Science Tower. This is where technology and business come together in perfect harmony, thus enabling know-how transfer and various synergy effects. The building is distinguished by the following points:

Ensuring technical implementation through cooperation with 220 companies / 25,000 specialists (Green Tech Cluster)

Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Marc Prokop
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Expert for the financial center Europe; has published various publications on this topic. Has been actively involved in the improvement of settlement structures and compliance requirements in the financial services business for over 10 years. Teaches at the Technische Hochschule Köln at the Schmalenbach Institute for Economics in the areas of banking and finance with a focus on financing, asset and portfolio management as well as financial and investment controlling.

Dr. Christian Tuscher, LL. M.
Supervisory Board Member

has been a lawyer and self-employed entrepreneur for many years and has relevant expertise in areas such as commercial and capital markets law. He published his doctoral thesis on "Due diligence for board members of a listed bank in an international comparison". As an expert in the areas of strategic legal and management consultancy, Dr. Tuscher has participated in numerous corporate financing projects. As a compliance officer at Qbasis Invest GmbH, Dr. Tuscher was responsible for the implementation for many years responsible business practices and the proper safeguarding of internal procedures and processes.

DI Werner Schaller
Supervisory Board Member

45+ years of professional experience in power plant construction as well as mechanical equipment and revitalization of around 20 hydroelectric power plants, as well as environmental protection of hydro power and steam power plants. Responsible for the erection, operation, revitalization and conversion of thermal power plants. Chairman of the VEÖ committees for thermal power plants and biomass. Expert in energy concepts for district heating and thermal power plants. Founder of AWISTA, co-founder of MINEX Mineral Explorations GmbH. Expert in submission tools in areas such as energy sales and profitability calculations.

Board of Directors

Florian H. Wagner
Chief Executive Officer

After completing officer training (telecommunications) he studied at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Austria (human medicine) and specialized in problem-solving models in various subject areas. (For example: risk management through portfolio hedging with negatively correlating elements) He received countless awards for this and regularly lectures at specialist conferences worldwide. His biggest focus is on the environment and the ultimate solutions to a green future. In addition, he works on private animal projects such as the optimization of frog population development or animal breeding, etc.

MMag. Philipp Pölzl
Executive Director

is a graduate of Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austria (Law, Business Administration). During his studies, he also completed relevant courses at the Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. In 2005, he founded Qbasis Invest GmbH, where he is now responsible for Legal & Operations. In addition, Philipp Pölzl has been working as a guest lecturer at the Alpen-Adria-Universität in Klagenfurt since 2009 and is a generally sworn and court-certified expert.

Heads of Department

Dr. Mario J. Müller
Head of Green Tech Engineering

„There is no limit! - there is plenty of space out there!“… inspired by astronomy, Dr. Müller combines physics with ecology to bring about new green tech solutions. His vitae includes academia and industry: from high energy physics (FLUKA, MCNPX) at CERN to science & technology manager in the industry. He initiated and led a research center and advises the advisory boards of start-ups and research institutes. Dr. Müller earned his doctorate in physics at Graz University of Technology and, among other things, laid the foundations for the creation of the Graz Science Tower - the incubator of science for Green Technologies in Graz / Austria.


Dr. Barbara Flügge
Advisor for smart e-Mobility

is a visionary. Her focus is on the service-based transformation of product companies, urban and mobile ecosystems. Organizations and projects achieve more reach and experience digital value creation through Dr. Flügge's systemic approach using the 17 UN SDGs. Her more than 20 years of experience result from numerous digital and physical change and implementation projects for software, consulting and industrial companies such as SAP, Ariba, Grundig and urban locations in Germany and abroad. Dr. Flügge is a graduate in Business Informatics and holds a doctorate from the University of Tilburg, the Netherlands.

For all types of investors

direct investors

(Tranches: 1/2/3 direct, 4 at IPO)

stock funds

(UCITS; topic sustainability, infrastructure, Eco-technologies)

share (direct/IPO)

component manufacturers

(conventional part: special components, turbine, core, corrosion-resistant material, research performance)

bond funds

(UCITS-corporate bonds, High Yield, sustainability, infrastructure, eco)



energy consumers

(customers for large amount of energy)

alternative investment funds

(AIF eg VC, PE, Multi Strategy)

Note for investors with "liquid need": In addition, investments in the Multi Synergy Fund or Energy Trading are seperately possible as well.