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EU-license | financing 


All-in-One | basic income

The task of Qbasis Invest GmbH as a licensed investment firm is to financially support Emerald Horizon's projects in order to optimize their success and increase their efficiency. A substantial capital contribution from the existing equity capital is to be established in order to ensure the financial strength of the projects. For this purpose, classical investments are combined with an alternative, liquid asset (Multi Synergy Fund) developed specifically for the requirements of Emerald Horizon corporation.

  • license

  • crisis management systems

  • generating volume

  • tailor-made solutions

  • liquid assets

15 years of corporate history

40+ total Awards

1 Mrd. USD / day

UCITS, AIF, Offshore Funds, MA,
MA platforms (dbSelect)

Global Stocks (ETFs), Multi Strategy,
thematic strategies (Overlay)


Top manager can access almost any existing source of income globally (e.g. precious and industrial metals, energy sources, building materials, food price stabilization instruments, various exotic commodities, bond option arbitrage,  exotic currencies, any type of derivatives in extremely high spread, proven crisis strategies, etc. – see following chart).


The Multi Synergy concept achieves diversification across mutually low correlated value drivers (ie, strategies that show their strengths and weaknesses at different times and thus balance each other). The Multi Synergy Index represents the performance of the Multi Synergy Concept.

In addition, the Multi Synergy concept allows access to:

  • managers in whose products you can no longer invest as a new customer

  • funds with a minimum investment of over $ 1 million

  • strategies that are usually accessible only by the management itself

  • an overlay strategy which can be optionally used to hedge or increase revenue (0% - 20%, shown here with 0 %)

 Simulated monthly performance Multi Synergy Index (ISIN: AT0000A2CDV2)*

This marketing announcement is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy. The presented asset allocation and the funds used in the concept can be changed at any time. The Multi Synergy Index is a non-investable Index listed on the Vienna stock exchange and represents the performance of the Multi Synergy Concept.
* The figures refer to a simulated past performance. The simulations and performance results of the past do not allow any conclusions about the future development of an investment product and do not guarantee the same or similar performance for the future. The Quality Ratio Comparison considers the MSCI World Index (Price, USD), Bloomberg Global Aggregate Total Return Index (source for both: Bloomberg) and Multi Synergy Concept numbers from 03/2006 onwards.


system. return | hedging

Qbasis Invest also offers a global, systematic trading strategy focused on energy markets. Based on many years of expertise, this was created specifically for the requirements of Emerald Horizon and serves to secure the portfolio and increase its income. The performance figures are based on real results of the funds used in the Multi Synergy concept (see previous section) plus the simulated energy trading overlay. The additionally achieved profit can serve as a capital injection for the projects of the Emerald Horizon and thus accelerate the process towards the evergreen planet significantly.

return opportunities from falling prices

return opportunities from rising prices

The strategy was originally developed in 1996 and has been used to hedge global portfolios since 2005 (2008: +157%). Now it will be applied unchanged to the application area of Energy Futures.