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ADES is a unique combination of molten salt reactor and accelerator driven system technology

ADES (Accelerator Driven Energy Source) combines a water-free thorium-based fuel cycle with molten salt for cooling & heat distribution, excluding vapor pressure.

The compact design fits in a standard shipping container, providing convenient mobility to various locations.

Additionally, the technology uses a disrupting particle accelerator based injector system instead of an uranium based chain reaction limiting radiation to a minimum.

The heat produced within the system can be converted to electricity, hydrogen or any other form of energy.


Particle injection

The injector, operating as a particle accelerator, stimulates Thorium-232, inducing its transmutation into Uranium-233.



The Uranium-233 fission in the molten salt loop releases energy and generates temperatures of up to 900 °C.


Heat exchanger

First and second level heat exchangers transfer energy to either electricity generation or hydrogen generation.



A tertiary loop drives a turbine for electricity generation.



750 to 900°C heat allows the generation of hydrogen.

ADES has a multitude of applications
across various industries.


Energy Generation

Augmentation and stabilization of energy yields from wind and solar farms.

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Power Grids

Seamless integration into power grids supporting its stability.



Facilitate the rising electricity needs of expanding electric mobility initiatives.



Emission-free energy for energyintensive infrastructure such as data centres.

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Zero-emission propulsion technology as a substitute for heavy oil in the maritime sector.


Health Care

Autonomous power solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Urban Areas

Implementation of additional layer of redundancy supporting the conversion to carbon free real estate.



Sustainable substitute for fossil fuels to promote a more eco-conscious industrial sector

ADES offers clean and safe technology.

ON/OFF switch

  • ADES has a passive-safe ON/OFF control unit.

AI-powered optimization

  • ADES leverages AI to adjust its power output based on the installation location.

  • ADES thereby ensures optimal performance in diverse environments.

No traditional nuclear waste

  • 80% of thorium is converted into energy. Even the remainder contains raw materials that can be reused. No final repository for nuclear waste is hence necessary.

  • ADES produces 0% transuranic waste of Plutonium, Neptunium, Americium and Curium, … known as “nuclear waste”.

No chain reaction

  • ADES runs subcritically.

  • When the injector impulses the thorium, it causes a reaction - but not a chain reaction - making ADES much safer than conventional nuclear power plants

Minimum maintenance

  • The final ADES module will not need to be serviced continuously.

  • A Safety Security Environment Software will ensure safe control.

ADES is a small, scalable and risk-optimized solution to energy generation

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