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continual system operation | recycling of waste


24h porduction | affordable


< 2 cent/kWh


peace keeping | developing countries

Three guarantors for a truly green world and a blue sky - even in cities!

The Emerald Horizon corporation vouches for projects which are indeed green. Thus makes a flawless funding of "emerald"-green in the world of investors possible! Due to the difficult storability of electricity and hydrogen, this part of the value chain is connected to the other components (electricity in the form of e-micro-mobility, hydrogen in gas stations).


Glenwood Evergreen (target 2021):

Wood waste as a by-product of sustainable forestry forms a continuous amount of biomass for the production of green electricity and green hydrogen.


Oakridge Evergreen (target 2029):

Existing nuclear waste and the raw material thorium, which is abundantly extracted as a by-product of various operations, guarantee of CO2-free energy supply for the planet for thousands of years


Solarbase Evergreen (active):

Photovoltaic systems on existing building surfaces optimise the use of space and energy on existing structures. The solar energy is to be supplied to a large extent the e-Micro-Mobility, to enable real mobility with solar power


  • enables CO2-free mobility

  • enables a  variety of so far unprofitable uses

  • enalbes CO2-free heating

  • enables globally to make many water intensive production processes significantly greener

Evergreen produces energy and hydrogen for its own use (smart e-mobility, hydrogen traffic), which means that the costs of these factors of production are much cheaper than those of the market.