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forest and species protection | securation of know how


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“Give something back“ - 6th rule of success by Arnold Schwarzenegger (from Graz, Austria)

Emerald Horizon optimises the synergy of ecology and economy. This will give the world forests and in return you will receive revenues from real estate, patents and, last but not least, CO2. This completes the picture of the 6 individual Emerald project fields.

  • sustainable and natural binding of CO2 through afforestation

  • Corporate profits are invested in the purchase of land on which trees are planted. The ownership of land guarantees control and longevity of plantings.

  • This should also be combined with efficient use of real estate on the properties.

  • For the protection of the forests, solutions for agricultural optimisation are pursued (possible artificial meat participation, biological plant strengthening agents, etc.).

  • The company in this field of activity holds global patents and licenses and exploits them worldwide. This offers a considerable value for the entire corporation.

  • CO2-certificates can be used to further increase earnings.