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plant construction for nuclear waste recycling (PPU) |

CO2-free energy production (MSR) | 

efficient production of hydrogen (Thermical Dissociation)

Originating from the original eGreenergy project, Mission Oakridge represents the most relevant project for humanity. It represents the solution to the nuclear waste problem and the danger of nuclear explosion, as well as allows CO2-free, endless energy for the world! With these characteristics, it probably puts the Apollo program in the shade.

Merging of the following existing components: considered alone deficient nuclear waste disposal + a in the 60s developed energy production based on liquid salt technology + the most efficient form of hydrogen production at 900 degrees Celsius. MISSION Oakridge unites these parts in the so-called EH modules!  

(CO2-free, efficient production)

optional drinkable water

allows CO2-free mobility as well

nuclear waste




frequent waste material thorium

(arising eg. from mining of rare earths for wind farms)

Insecure, classic nuclear power plants are equipped with the EH module and the dangerous reactors deactivated.

(later coal and gas power plants can be transformed by the use of EH modules as well)


affordable electricity
(CO2-free; stable; 2 c / kWh)

reduces amount of waste by 90%
residual waste does not need a final disposal site >> afterwards 0%

No further nuclear waste transport!

supplement to ECO power plants

EH module adaptively compensates fluctuations in green electricity generation (increase in porfitability)

EH module combines 2 functions in one system, thus you can talk about the "5th generation"!

1. CLEAN: Nuclear waste destruction with dry reprocessing plant (Pyrochemical Processing Unit, PPU)

2. ENERGY: compact, efficient version of an MSR (Molten Salt Reactor) 

EH reduces the amount of waste by 90% and the radiation time by 98%. 1. is a known process but would not cover costs alone. The profitability results only in the combination with 2.


The spent fuel is crushed to powder.

Conversion PPU => actinides


Fission products are stored in the system and do not require a geological repository.

5-bin cycle: Each bin is filled for 80 years. After 320 years, these can be emptied without danger. Valuable raw materials such as palladium can be removed and the container can then be refilled. Elaborate transports to repositories are therefore eliminated.




The "combustion" takes place in the EH core (where all long-radiation substances are destroyed), which - compared to conventional methods - produces only 10% waste and high-temperature heat of 900 degrees celsius.

Actinides are incorporated in liquid salt. Thus, the process is self-regulating and passively secure. The design is based on the concept of the fusion reactor.


Thermochemical process: In thermal dissociation, water decomposes directly into oxygen and hydrogen. With the thermochemical process, this process already happens at temperatures of 900 degrees Celsius.

The drinking water production takes place classically by distillation. The heat required for this derives from the last position of the heat transfer.

efficient turbine &
power generator


As with classic thermal power plants (gas power plant, nuclear power plants, etc.)


  • High negative temperature coefficient → self-regulation
    (the hotter the reactor becomes, the more the liquid expands - the further the particles move apart - the less fission occurs) - passive safety - no explosion hazard


  • protection against overheating by passive fuses
    (in the Event of failure, cooling of a fusible plug - this melts and becomes permeable - liquid automatically drains into the underlying safety tanks)


  • residual heat removal by natural convection

  • no static overpressure - thus no explosion harzard; structural savings allow investment in increased radiation protection and better materials

  • so solid fuel rods necessary - no meltdown (molten salt is the fuel and circulates in the module)

  • liquid slat power plants (thorium cycle) are uninteresting for the use of military interests (would still be under control)

  • The number of refuse containers is reduced by a factor of 10, this saving allows a higher investment in more modern, radiation-safe and more durable containers.

  • Small, compact system allows perfect bunker properties. Therefore the liquid salt methodology significantly increases the security from external attacks (eg plane crash, rocket attack, and earthquakes)

  • Should there be a leakage with the liquid salt methodology, the liquid salt will cool down and will harden immediately. All cleavage products are entrapped in the hardened liquid.

safety benefits

size comparison

EH module vs classic nuclear power plants

SSE - Safety Security Environment

is a control software that checks all modules synchronously and in real-time. Each module is the control point for every other module. Heartbeat and Block Chain Technology are used.

technical presentation

    overall concept liquid salt methodology (MSR)

    proof of concept: 3 years is a trouble-free live operation

Why the molten salt method isn't a worldwide Standard (History)

  • 1943 - Since liquid salt methodology is uninteresting for the use of military interests, the desicion was made on uranium research rather than thorium research.

  • In the following years, there was the motivation to build many classic nuclear power plants in the US in oder to win weapons-grade plutonium on a big scale.

Energy production adapts to consumption and is additionally actively controllable or can be stopped immediately by discharging the molten salt into safety tanks below the reactor.

  • In order to increase revenues, the worldwide export of fully developed technology (classical nuclear power plants) was started.

  • Political influence got even more powerful, since it would have been difficult to explain why nuclear power plants with explosion risk and fallout risks exist at all and will continue to be used, once the low-risk molten salt method would be in operation. 

  • In 1996 the hitherto strongest and most amture liquid salt power plant was put into operation. Alvin Weinberg - co-inventor of classic, risky reactor types - has opposed his own invention by specializing in the use of the thorium liquid salt methodology. For 2 years, the liquid salt power plants operated completely problem-free and passed all tests. (Whether this fact and his multiple references to the risks of classical reactors he was adwised to resign as the director of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA) in 1973/74.)

  • It is assumed that in 2004 a CD-ROM with detailed blueprints of an MSR was sent to various universities .

    Thus classic nuclear power technology has been established worldwide. This has prevented alternatives from being implemented as of yet.

  • Start-ups are too small to implement a liquid salt methodology project without political and monetary power.

  • India and China are working intensively on different variants of MSR. Terra Power (Bill Gates) also focuses on MSR.

Economic efficiency: energy efficiency, yield factor

EH module: electricity & hydrogen production plant

average yield factor

yield factor EH module

Extremely efficient energy proction & modular usage enable low energy prices with high income possibilities. That's very important to achieve and to accelerate the distribution worldwide. Thus you achieve the desired global climate contribution.

Project progress

(as of Sep. 2019)

  • Selection of Concept

  • Proof of Concept

  • design for compact version - secret patent available

  • peripheral projects developed and implemented

  • expansion of the team under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Steinhäusler

  • SSE software developed and available in rough function

  • corporation founded, designed and contractually capable

  • office ready to work

  • production facility selected and available

  • test benches in first real form available  ( test loop, measurement technology etc.)

  • elementary components developed or purchased

  • site selected, visited and contractually fixed

  • various contracts and preliminary contracts available

  • public relations designed and ready to go

  • monetary support through the creation of a separate fund (Multi Synergy Fund) and contractually secured

  • income boost overlay - trading strategy developed, tested and operational with energy focus

  • investable shares; bond in preparation