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the vision

a clear horizon - made possible by a green earth and clean air


More than 10,000 people die every day from the effects of emissions. For the current lifestyle of us, the planet lacks atmosphere. Emerald Horizon is pioneering in the development of environmental innovations that enable us to run a business that produces virtually no harmful emissions, is resource efficient and reduces waste. This will reduce pollution, increase energy and resource efficiency as well as prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems.

We work for our vision of a green earth and a clear horizon.

sustainability, environmental and climate protection as economic fields

We have realized that ecology and economy do not have to contradict each other. Environmental and climate protection are the most pressing challenges of our time and the years to come. Emerald Horizon addresses these challenges by offering an innovative range of profitable sustainability and environmental projects in the energy, water, mobility and green environment sectors.

The overarching goal is always the same: environmental and economic gains should go hand in hand.


the "whole" is more than the sum of its parts

The corporation consists of several companies and pursues only projects that have a positive global impact on our environment.

At the center (Core Project) is the Mission Oakridge - a nuclear waste recycling plant that will enable a CO2-free and secure energy supply. The Mission Oakridge is integrated into a set of projects and fields of activity that can already generate high returns on their own. However, these project fields are particularly important in exploiting synergy effects and the associated added value.

As part of the various projects, green hydrogen, green electricity and drinkable water are being generated, opening up new fields of activity for the Emerald Horizon (eg e-mobility, H2 traffic). A particular strength of the company is the capital support provided by a licensed investment firm, which, with over 40 awards and many years of experience, represents an enormous added value for the corporation. First-class asset management and access to the classic, liquid investment universe as well as to the alternative investment universe enable an increase in earnings with simultaneous hedging. This enhances the core competencies and value of the company.

Emerald Horizon has a Europe-wide distribution channel as well, which is responsible for green funding and public relations. It serves as a green mouthpiece for the world and allows everyone to participate in the implementation of the projects.


sustainability as a future investment

The situation we are in is too serious to give greenwashing space. The world needs environmental innovations that are truly sustainable. Therefore, Emerald Horizon implements the following emerald projects in the lead markets of environmental protection:



vision to mission


Thanks to the technical and economic expertise within the group and the cluster in which the company is based, our vision is implemented in a highly efficient manner. Profitability and scalability are relevant aspects in order to achieve a global impact.


CEO Wagner: "Only when the insight has prevailed, that money could be earned with sustainability, we can save our planet."









personal background:

  1. study for rescue of frog population (School thesis, Salzburg)

  2. effecitive assistance  in an emergency (officer trianing, Wien)

  3. assistance in rescuing individuals (study of human medicine, Graz)

  4. development of a strategy to save the capital market in crisis (efficient algorthim based strategy with negative correlation to MSCI World; 157% retrun in crisis-ridden year 2008; 11 countries).

  5. development of a strategy to save the green planet (Emerald Horizon, global)