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private transport | 
storage of solar power

the current situation

air pollution: CO2, particulate matter, noise pollution

private transport: desire for self-determined mobility / further expansion of public transport expensive



traffic: On average a car with more than 2t weight is used by 1,2 people

parking: Parking shortages in the cities / companies occupy large areas for parking

lack of space

solution matrix:


  • light vehicle

  • electric drive

  • solarpower

  • storage ability


  • park space optimised

  • optimised free-flowing traffic

  • regardless of weather conditions

  • shareable

The vehicle that unites all solutions:





power unit:


battery efficiency:


maximum speed:


2,50 m

1,24 m

~ 450 kg

at the level of a car, Airbags, ESP, ABS




~ 100 km

90 km/h


smart storage of energy

Micro-electric cars are used as power storage to utilize the over-production of electricity generated at lunchtime by photovoltaics for the way to and from the workplace.

The ideal charging time for electric cars is the time at the workplace.


In addition, a software is developed that interrogates the ideal electricity price and "buys" at this time.


  • light vehicle

  • electric drive

  • solarpower

  • storage ability


  • park space optimised

  • optimised free-flowing traffic

  • regardless of weather conditions

  • shareable

E-Micro-Mobility reduces the space requirement for parking cars to around 1/3. Smaller cars also allow a higher number of vehicles on all road sections. This results in an increase in traffic throughput. Due to the car-like structure of the vehicles (especially closed cab, heating, air conditioning) a year-round, weather-independent operation is possible. Thus, permanent freedom is created.

Total study:


The microcar saves space at home thanks to additional free space.


The traffic between individual locations is simpler, more efficient and emission-free as well.

The microcar is loaded at the employer's site, therefore no electricity connection at home is needed. This allows use for residents of large homes.

The connection to existing car-sharing providers makes temporary and uncomplicated transfers to other vehicle types possible



target group employer

the advantages for e-Micro-Mobility employers summarized:

  • increase of attractiveness of workplace

  • fixed parking spots can be assigned to employees

  • bonus for employees

  • reduction of the company's CO2 footprint 

  • Eco-certificate for  cut CO2

  • savings for employees through  reduction of private cars

By providing e-Micro Mobility cars to employees, taxes can be saved, because the monthly fee is fully deductible and there is no retention.

price/service as follows:

~ € 390,- - € 450,-

per microcar and per month


 incl. parking, charging station, manufacturing, service, maintenance,
energy, insurance, repairment, ...

application example "small"

Shown is a doctor's practice with 3 parking spaces, which are all occupied by their own use and thus can not provide parking slots for the patients. After the introduction of e-Micro-Mobility, the previously unusable space on the right side of the property will be used as a site for 3 microcars for the personal use to create 3 parking spaces for patients and to reduce CO2 emissions through emission-free commuting. 






application example "big"

Shown is a parking lot of a company with 36 parking spaces on a given area. After the introduction of e-Micro-Mobility, the required parking space was reduced to about 1/3. On the remaining areas, parks and a much needed additional office building were created, for which space were lacking.

schema of the parking station

200 cm

induction plate
wireless charging

160 cm

230 cm

600 cm total length of module

The parking lot station is weatherproof. This means that charging e-Micro-Mobility Cars will work in any weather and in all seasons.

vision space-saving: parking spots x 3; traffic flow x 2-4

By optimizing public parking, the vision of saving space becomes a reality. On the space of a conventional parking lot, up to three e-micro-mobility cars can be parked. In addition, the flow of traffic could be doubled or even quadrupled when micro-cars are traveling side by side on the road.