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Emerald Horizon's Ethos


Inspired by Med-Tech

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We recognise that ecology and economy are not contradictory terms. Environmental and climate protection are the most urgent challenges of our time and beyond, which is why we are driven to close the technical gap in eco-conscious energy supply, while simultaneously securing Europe’s energy needs.

Unsere Innovationen

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Our philosophy

Harmony between ecology and economy

A clear horizon and a green earth


Exhaust fumes cause more than 10,000 deaths every day: the planet’s atmosphere is no longer able to support our lifestyles.

Emerald Horizon is pioneering eco-innovations developed to be resource-efficient, operate with fewer harmful emissions, and reduce waste. With an increase in energy production, resource efficiency and the reduction of pollution, we can prevent the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems and achieve our visio: a green earth and a clear horizon.


Sustainability: climate and environmental protection as economic interests

We have found a way to bring ecology and economy together: meeting the challenge of climate protection with an innovative range of profitable, sustainable, and eco-conscious projects in the energy and green-environment sectors. Our goal is always the same: ecological and economic gains should go hand-in-hand.


Sustainability as an investment in the future

The threat to our planet is too great to waste time with “greenwashing”: the world needs truly sustainable innovations. Emerald Horizon takes this challenge seriously and implements environmental protection projects in their leading markets.

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