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CALstore by Emerald Horizon AG

Energy storage systems for storing energy from volatile energy sources such as wind and PV systems are either very expensive (batteries, redox flow), very complex or non-existent (pump storage power plants) or very inefficient due to the Carnot process!

The CALstore system from Emerald Horizon AG solves this complex system issue with a high-temperature salt storage [HTS] with temperatures of over 500 degrees Celsius. CALstore works bi-directionally, i.e. both Power2Heat for storing energy and the extraction of Heat2Power from the HTS.

The high temperature of the HTS makes it possible to store a large amount of thermal energy in a small volume, which can be used for recovery as e.g. electricity using a gas turbine if and when it is needed. The temperature of the HTS can vary depending on the salt used and the design of the storage system and can be adjusted to technical/economic requirements for the overall energy balance.

The CALstore is dimensioned with 5,000[kWh] as heat energy storage volume at 500°C. CALstore is housed in a standardized 20-foot container and is easy to transport and use. Scaling is possible by coupling with additional 20-foot modules, and in cooperation with the CALfunction 10-foot modules, functions can be adapted to existing feed-in energy sources (wind, PV, hydropower, etc...) and/or to energy extraction requirements can be realized in the 100kW to MW range.

With a daily utilization factor of 80%-100%, the energy stored from renewable energy sources of 5,000[kWh] corresponds to an energy volume of 1.46[GWh] to 1.83[GWh] or a CO2 saving of 438-548 per year tons/year (calculation basis: IPCC 10-40g/kWh). This quantity corresponds to the total energy quantity of 146-183 single-family houses per CALstore system [based on Eurostat: ~10,000 [kWh].


The prototype development:

Modulare high temprature-
liquid-salt energy store

is funded by FFG within their base-programme! 2023-2026 FFG-project-number: 903946

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