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ADES: the autonomous energy amplifier of the future 

ADES combines the basic technical features of a molten salt reactor with the geometry of a fusion reactor and a passively safe ON/OFF control unit. 

Energy is produced through the use of Thorium, which has an energy density that exceeds existing chemical energy carriers by a factor of one million. The Thorium which is mixed with liquid salt and spun in a torso, powered by a circulation pump.

ADES is subcritical with no chain reaction:

an energy injector stimulates the production of heat and, as with classic power plants, this heat is harvested via heat exchangers and used to generate electricity or for direct hydrogen production.

In a later stagesstep, even the ground- up nuclear waste can also be used to generate energy. Both the amount of nuclear waste and the radiation times are significantly reduced through the use of Thorium.



Concept and Development

The ADES concept is based on past successful technologies as well as on groundbreaking innovations made possible by current material science.

ADES’  liquid salt reactor was inspired by salt reactor operating in the 1960s

ADES’  form was inspired by the design of fusion reactors.

ADES’ unique breakthrough, developed by Emerald Horizon, is the gain control unit, which enables the ADES to be switched on and off with passive safety.

The amplifier is powered through the transmutation of Thorium.

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MSR Image.png
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Spalation Image.png

The ADES prototype is currently in production and will demonstrate the principles of an energy amplifier; it will prove the efficacy of using the new control technique for harvesting the energy of the thorium core.

A working digital twin has been in operation since May 2022 and the demo starter for industrial series production is scheduled to be completed as early as 2029

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